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We Identify and Fix The Problems With Your HVAC System

When your air conditioner works properly, it cools and makes your Kendalia home comfortable. When your air conditioner malfunctions, it is challenging to figure out where the problem is. Your A/C system is complex and requires an expert diagnosis. No one wants to live through a Texas summer without properly running air conditioning. Did you know that HVAC stands for Heating-Ventilation and Air Conditioning?

Our expert technicians can not only identify and fix the problem with your air conditioning system, but they do it right the first time. They are highly trained and experienced professionals.

Most Common Causes For An Air Conditioning System Breakdown

Insufficient refrigerant:
When the refrigerant level is low, your system has to work harder to cool your home or business. Unless your unit was not completely filled at the time of installation, there is likely a leak that needs repairing.

Dirty condenser coil:
When the condenser coil is caked with dirt or other substances, it impedes the refrigerant inside the coil from condensing to a liquid form and circulating properly. It makes your system work harder and less efficiently.

Drain tube blockage:
The condensation that forms when warm air contacts the cold evaporator coils normally drips out of the drain tube. When the drain tube is blocked, the water backs up, ices up the evaporator coil, and disrupts the functioning of the entire system.

Defective electrical controls or sensors:
The compressor and fan in the HVAC system require a steady electrical current. The flow of power will be interrupted by a defective control. As a result, your air conditioner will no longer work properly. A faulty sensor will no longer tell your unit when to turn off and on. It could either make your air conditioner stay on all the time or not come on at all.

Comfort Care Membership For Your A/C - Heating Systems

As a service to our customers, we offer a Comfort Care Membership to receive an HVAC inspection and tune-up annually for under $20 a month.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your system at peak performance and avoid breakdowns and repairs. The Smithson Valley Services Comfort Care Membership provides the following:

Full inspection of your furnace and all components

Inspection and adjustment of the burner/ignition assembly

Examine the heat exchanger for cracks or damage

Inspect and tighten all connections

Check the condition of the air filter and airflow

Inspect the flue draft and gas piping

Test furnace safety controls

Our Comfort Care Membership offers you the following benefits:

Priority Scheduling - You will receive priority scheduling when you call for service.
Discounts - You will receive a 15% discount on repairs.
Extended Hours - For our Family Plan Members, during the week, we offer extended hours until 7 pm with no after-hours fees.
Auto-Renewal - We all live busy lives. For your convenience, your membership will automatically renew each month so you won't miss out on your benefits.